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Asesoramiento en Estrategias

Strategic Advisory

When defining sustainability and climate change strategies of a corporation , not only deep knowledge of the corporation operations is…

Asesoramiento en Comunicacion y Marketing

Communication and MKT

At GENESIS we are not only interested in communicating strategies but also in providing advice in relation to all publications,…

Consultoria en cambio climático


Climate Change According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), climate change is defined as a change…

Desarrollo de proyectos

Project Development

Project due dilligence At GENESIS we understand that a viability research (at the commercial, social and environmental level) is necessary…

Estructuracion financiera

Financial structuring

At GENESIS we count on a network of professional experts and strategic allies in different key areas. One of them…

Agencia Digital

Digital Agency

We believe that technology development drives individuals, companies and organizations to use non-traditional communication and marketing tools. At GENESIS we work…

About Us

Sobre Genesis

GENESIS is an advisory team committed to its clients. We provide integral solutions in the areas of sustainability and climate change.

We have broad experience in practically all industries, from multinationals to small companies.